The Uthoians are a species of aliens that were skitterized by the Espheni and the Eterians but overridden the control and rebelled and decided to unite the universe under The Utho Regime to fight the two hostile races.Tazzik_trades_with_Collectors.png

Biology Edit

The Uthoians resemble human-sized bipedal insects with a chitinous exoskeleton, two anterior pairs of what appear to be vestigial limbs, four eyes, and a distinct, large, tapering head along with fully developed wings that allow them to fly over short distances. Each Uthoian appears to be little more than a drone with no distinctions between individuals, although there are witnessed instances of drones towering over humans and their own brethren by a significant margin. Their vocal communication mostly consists of insectoid chirps and trills, although they are capable of speaking in languages other species comprehend should the need arise.

they were a quick-breeding race, with two genders. a single female Uthoian could give birth to five hundred hatchlings. Because of the presence of a metal called Vorgi 77, Uthoians have abilities called Biotics, making them deadly soldiers.

Society and cultureEdit

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